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Summer Puck Challenge


It’s time for our 2nd Annual

10,000 Puck Challenge.

Shoot 10,000 pucks this off season and become an elite member of AHA’s

10,000 PUCK CLUB!”

How much better would your shot be if you shot 10,000 pucks? Make good use of your time off this summer and improve your game. Become the sniper you have always dreamed about. Develop the quick release. Be the player goalies hate. Make your shot on target!



1. Keep track of your shots.

2. Achieve the goal before the start of next year’s regular season.

3. Next fall, notify Troy Bradley ( that

you completed the task and receive a custom 10,000 Puck Club t-shirt.

4. Wear your shirt with pride. You earned it!




1. Get 20 pucks and shoot them 5 times per day.

2. Have a designated area to shoot.

3. Plan for days you can’t shoot.

4. Set up your shooting area with a net or tarp with targets in corners.

5. Get a smooth surface to shoot from. Menards has 4x8 sheets of wall covering for under $20 that work well. You can also pick up a shooting surface from hockey retailers or online plastic supply companies.

6. Work on all type of shots: wrist, snap, slap, backhand, top corner, 5 hole, bottom corner. Practice for quick release. Practice your weaker shots until they are no longer weaker shots. DON’T FORGET YOUR BACKHAND!

7. Don’t just shoot pucks to shoot pucks, practice with a purpose. Remember, practicing just to practice doesn’t necessarily make you better. Challenge yourself. Make up games, see if you can get 10 or 20 shots through a particular target. Can you hit a post 25% of the time? The Crossbar?

8. YouTube has several good videos for learning technique.

Practice Hard.

Practice Smart.

Good Luck.


The 2019 AHA Dirty Dangler Challenge

The Dirty Dangler Challenge is a program to encourage our AHA kids to do off-season skill work. The challenge is to complete 25hrs of stick handling practice before next season. That equates to about an hour per week.

Hockey camps and summer AAA teams are fun. But if your kids really want to become elite hockey players, they can do a lot of the work at home without all the expense and travel. Encourage them to put down their phones and pick up their sticks.

Below are some of the excellent stickhandling videos available. It's important that the kids are starting with the proper fundamentals (top hand grip, bottom hand slide, hand spacing, hands away from body). These points are covered in many of these videos.

Make sure your kids keep track of their practice time. Notify Troy Bradley at when they have completed their 25hrs and we'll get them a cool t-shirt and inducted into the AHA Dirty Dangler Club.


USA Hockey Video "Off-Ice Stickhandling" (part 1) Patrick Kane before NHL

USA Hockey Video "Off-Ice Stickhandling" (part 2)

USA Stick Handling Drills

Off-Ice Hockey training: Stickhandling workout

Fast Hands Hockey - Training Drills

Shooting and Stick Handling (stick handling begins at 4:25)

M2 Hockey Off Ice Skill Training Part 1 (basic skills)

M2 Hockey Off Ice Skill Training Part 2

M2 Hockey Off Ice Skill Training Part 3