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Board Candidates

Jen Jorgenson

Director Position Running For: At Large Director (either Term)

Child Playing at: Boys JV/V

Prior Hockey Roles: Team Coordinator for multiple levels over several seasons, HDC Lead Coordinator (HDC Facilitation Director), and Treasurer

Why am I seeking a Position:  I have been with the Aberdeen Hockey Association for the last 12 years in varying roles spanning numerous years. I have a strong financial background that I feel would be an asset to the board.  I have previously worked a Sales Tax Auditor with the State of South Dakota for 16 years and for the last several years I have been with Edward Jones.  If elected to serve I would use my voice to continue to positively support the AHA organizations and to work towards the goals of growing our hockey program while staying financially conservative.

Chad Little

Director Position Running For: State League Director or At Large Director (either Term)

Child Playing at: Bantam

Why am I seeking a Position:  The Aberdeen Hockey Association has provided my family with the opportunity to grow, meet new people, and enjoy the great sport of hockey.  We started this journey, knowing nothing about hockey, at the recommendation of some great friends and I believe it is my way of returning the favor and doing my part to help continue to make Aberdeen Hockey an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Other Info:  I am originally from the Washington state and came to Aberdeen to attend NSU.  I fell in love with the Aberdeen community and its great people and have called it home since 2001. My wife Jennifer and I have two children Levi and Alivia,  Levi started playing hockey as a Mite and will be a Bantam in the upcoming season.  It has been amazing to be a part of the Aberdeen Cougars and I look forward to serving the association and the community of Aberdeen.

Kyle Oswald

Director Position Running For: At Large Director (Term ending 4/30/21)

Child Playing at: Bantam

Prior Hockey Roles: No Previous Positions with Aberdeen Hockey.  Been with the Wings Organization for several years helping with game day activities

Why am I seeking a Position:  I feel there are lost opportunities to bring more kids to play hockey.   Getting out more to the public and area businneses.  It feels like the program needs a shot in the arm to get more interest in the sport.   New ideas need to be tested.  New revenue ideas must be discussed.  Not saying what is in place isnt working but we now see what life without the fair will be like.  The beer gardens are not promised to Aberdeen Hockey and a plan must in place for that day hockey loses the beer gardens.

Other Info: I have been running The Aberdeen BMX program for over 20 years and I know there are some things from BMX that can crossover to hockey to help push both participation and bringing in more revenue to Aberdeen Hockey.  I might not be your typical suit and tie guy but if you have ever been around Aberdeen BMX you know I aim to gets things done.  I dont have time to table ideas till few months down the line.    

Brian Madsen

Director Position Running For: State league Director or At Large Director with the term ending 4/30/23

Children Playing at: Peewee  and Boys JV/V Levels

Prior Hockey Roles: Development league coach, Rink Committee Member, AHA Board Member

Why am I seeking a Position:  I would like to be elected to the board because I know the dedication and commitment that it requires and I am fully committed to putting in the time and effort that it requires.  I believe as a board we have to ensure the sustainability of the association for players at every level and I look forward to coming up with new ideas and ways to move the AHA forward and be more successful.

Brent Meyer

Director Position Running For: Development Level Director

Children Playing at: Squirt and Peewee Levels

Prior Hockey Roles: Development Level Director 2017-2020, Assisted coaching at the Mite and Squirt levels.

Why am I seeking a Position:  provide for the future of our Association. Being a business owner has given me a wide range of experience working with people, breaking down problems and providing both simple and creative solutions, not only to solve immediate problems but also to eliminate any future problems. It has also taught me that times are always changing and to be able to look ahead and be able to recognize problems and solve them, before they disrupt your objective. It's these experiences that will make me a valuable voice to the board of directors. 

Other Info: Year after year the members of this Association continue to impress me by the massive amount of hours people are putting in, to make it such a great organization. I would like to thank the Aberdeen Hockey Association, and all of the people involved for providing such an awesome opportunity for our family. I hope that I can continue to to help and better that opportunity for other families as the Association grows and moves into the future! Sincerely, Brent Meyer

Lon Siefken

Director Position Running For: At Large Director with the term ending 4/30/21

Children Playing at: Bantam and Girls U14

Why am I seeking a Position:  My kids have been involved in Aberdeen Hockey going on 6 years.  I have helped with multiple game day duties and now I would like to become a Board Member to further serve Aberdeen Hockey.

Carlton (CJ) Willems

Director Position Running For: State League Director or At Large Director (Term ending 4/30/23)

Child Playing at: Bantam

Prior Hockey Roles: If elected, this will be my first leadership position within the Aberdeen Hockey Association .

Why am I seeking a Position:  If elected to a position, I want to help this association be the best in the state.  We need to start bringing hockey to the kids outside of the association instead of the kids coming to the association.  I think we have a great system once we do get kids in and trying to keep things affordable for the first six years.  We need to try to keep hockey affordable at the state league level too.  We are the third largest community in the state and should be competitive at all levels of the SDAHA.

Other Info: Programs that I would like to see started is letting the kids wear jerseys in the schools on Fridays before games and work to incorporate school indoor hockey to the fall.  Try to create a fund to help families offset the costs of equipment or travel.  We are also looking for volunteers all the time to fill rolls, and maybe there is an opportunity to offset fees with additional volunteer hours.  Finally, see how we can make Cougar Hockey exciting for the casual fan.