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Coordinator Information


Jill Everson

Boys Varsity/JV Levels

Phone: 605-380-1970

Jenny Hepper

Bantam Level

Phone: 605-290-6636

Arlette Keller

Squirt Level

Phone: 605-228-4834

Amanda Holland

Girls Varsity/JV Levels

Phone: 605-216-2736

Jenny Collier

PeeWee and Termite Levels

Phone: 605-290-6701

Carrie Weisenburger

Mite Level

Phone: 605-290-3633

The following information has been developed to provide you with a resource & assist in your duties. You will work closely with your team’s coaches. They will need your expertise with tournaments, scheduling, meetings, communication with team members and parents, travel, providing necessary documentation of your team at games etc. Your assistance as coordinator will free up your coach’s time which is required to develop the team.

As a coordinator you will report to and work closely with your Master Coordinator, who is a member of the Hockey Development Committee (HDC). All of your duties and responsibilities fall under the supervision of the Master Coordinator and HDC.