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Aberdeen Hockey Association Leadership Positions

Aberdeen Hockey Association Board of Directors Officers

Jeff Scheel


Phone: 605-216-6073

Susan Casper


Phone: 605-252-0901

Michael Schmit

Vice President

Phone: 605-216-5424

Brenda Kleinknecht


Phone: 605-290-3680

Vacant Position

Past President

Phone: 605-000-0000

State League Directors

Shelly Westra-Heier

State League

Phone: 605-380-9389

Chris Feiock

State League

Phone: 605-380-5197

Brian Madsen

State League

Phone: 605-216-6174

Development Directors

Chad Henrich

Developmental Level

Phone: 605-216-4682

Vacant Position

Developmental Level

Phone: 605-000-000

Brent Meyer


Phone: 651-245-5300

At Large Directors

Matt Campbell

At Large

Phone: 605-216-2019

Jennifer Sietsema

At Large

Phone: 605-216-4309

David Sandvig

At Large

Phone: 605-715-8447

Aberdeen Hockey Association Leaders

Hockey Development Committee

HDC Director-Jared Ahlberg

HDC Director

Phone: 605-290-7426

HDC -Vacant Position

Girls Program Develop. Coordinator

Phone: 605-000-0000

HDC -Laura Small

Development Level Scheduler

Phone: 605-290-3591

HDC -Bridget Dean

State League Registrar

Phone: 605-216-6683

HDC -Jackie Mulder

Development Level Registrar

Phone: 605-000-0000

HDC -Matt Kranzler

Master Scheduler

Phone: 605-377-4335

HDC -Amanda Holland

Master Coordinator

Phone: 605-216-2736

HDC -Scott Podoll

Develop. Level Coaching Coordinator

Phone: 605-380-8585

Other Leadership Positions

Equipment Mgr- Open

Equipment Manager

Phone: 605-000-0000

Jersey Mgr- Tarah Usselman

Jersey Manager

Phone: 605-380-4536

Webmaster- Brian Madsen


Phone: 605-216-6174

Exec Director- Aaron Smith

AHA Executive Director

Phone: 605-380-5852

Rink Manager- Troy Hofer

Rink Manager

Phone: 605-380-8625

Finance Comm- Duke Witte

Chair of Finance Committee

Phone: 605-216-3255

Rink Rentals- Jeff Scheel


Phone: 605-216-6073

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Change in Date of Monthly Board of Directors Meetings

The regular monthly Board of Directors Meetings of the Aberdeen Hockey Association are now held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:00 PM.  The meeting are held in the Board Room in the Odde Ice Center.

NOTE:  This is a change in date beginning with the September 2015 regular board meeting.  Prior to this time, the meetings were held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.  The change was made to accommodate schedules of the Board Members.  Published 8/27/15.