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Hockey Development Committee

Hockey Development Committee Purpose and Objective

The AHA Hockey Development Committee is responsible for all on-ice player development as well as coaching and coordinator development. In all aspects, this separate committee will report to the AHA Board of Directors.

The objective of the HDC will be to build an infrastructure that will consistently develop teams that will produce to the best of their abilities and continue to attract the best athletes from the area to participate. HDC will create a competitive environment that encourages development and education of AHA coaches and players.


Jared Ahlberg


Phone: 605-290-7426

Rod Huff

Girls Program Development Coordinator

Phone: 605-252-6636

Bridget Dean


Phone: 605-216-6683

Jeff Scheel

AHA Board President/Liason

Phone: 605-216-6073

Scott Podoll

Developmental Coaching Director.

Phone: 605-380-8585

Amanda Holland

Development Level Master Coordinator

Phone: 605-216-2736

Matt Kranzler


Phone: 605-377-4335

Laura Small

Development League Scheduler

Phone: 290-3591

Parent Communication Portal

The purpose of the Parent Portal is to allow parents an avenue in which to communicate concerns relating to Coaches & Coordinators or any other issues.  Portal complaints will be immediatly emailed to the HDC Director and copied to the AHA President. The HDC Director will make every effort to respond via email within 48 hours.

Complaints regarding Coach strategy, tactics, systems  & playing time will not be addressed unless a policy has been broken.

Please reveiw the policies in the Coach, Coordinator & Policy/Parent sections of the website before you process your complaint.

HDC Meeting Minutes