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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Periodically there are questions that surface within the membership of AHA.  The Board of Directors is committed in trying to address these questions as they arise.  

If you have a question or a topic not addressed here, please go to our "Ask the AHA Board of Directors" page and submit your question. Thanks and Go Cougars!!


1) How much does it cost to operate the Aberdeen Hockey Association?

Much effort is put into trying to keep the cost of operations for AHA as low as possible.  Based on the question, I doubt everyone understands the cost of hockey within AHA.  The cost of operations for the 2013-2014 year was over $286,000.  This includes: Building Costs, Utilities, Coaches, Refs, Equipment Costs, Insurance, costs of Tournaments/Jamborees, and many other items.   Last year we had 243 registered members in the association.  This equates to an average cost of approx $1,200 per skater last year.  You may ask, “Where does the funding come from to cover these costs”?  The primary sources of revenue/income per skater are from the following sources:

18% comes from Beer Sales at the Wings Games

16% comes from Skater Registrations paid by the members of AHA

14% come from Ice Rental (Wings, Men’s League, and Private Rentals)

13% comes from the Beer Gardens at the Brown County Fair

12% comes from our Annual Raffle

10% comes from Sponsorships in the Rink (Zambonis, Sock, & Beverage Sponsorships)

10% comes from Skating Clinic Registrations and 4 on 4 Registrations

 7% comes from Gate Entry Fees to the Games

2) When I pay through the AHA website, why are there now additional fees assessed?

Every time and every place you pay with either a credit card or a debit card, a fee is charged by the company who is processing the transaction for the merchant at which you are shopping.  This is no different with AHA.  Historically these processing costs have been paid by AHA.  A change has been made where you the member are paying these fees rather than AHA.  The amount of the fee each time a card is processed is $2.00 per transaction + 3.50% of the charge amount.  As an example, a $100 payment to AHA will cost you $105.50.  This change was done in an effort to reduce this cost to AHA.  This change will save the association approx $3,800 in costs annually.  This too was done to help offset increasing costs seen by AHA.     As an FYI, it will cheaper to us as members of the association to pay our bill in full in one single transaction rather than making multiple payments (like what is available for registration fees).  Paying your bill in full would be counted as one transaction versus multiple transactions.